Creating everyday stories,
Signed by You

Essentials made to tell a story. YOUR story. A look nowadays has become synonymous with the clothes you wear. At Signed by You we believe that on a deeper level it means much more than just looking good or following a trend. The way we dress is an outcome of how we feel, think, and live. Showing your true self by showing your inner strength to the outside. From that philosophy and a dose of creativity and boldness, the brand arose. To keep you firm on the ground as well as making you run towards your wildest dreams.

SxY is made by women, inspired by women, for everyone.

Let’s design a truer world where everyone can be themselves.

The art of coloring the world with you!
Signed by You.

Leave a mark,
not a shoeprint


SxY founder Anouk has always been fascinated by shoes and specifically high heels. However, finding ones you can wear every day or adapt to your look is still a challenge. That's why she decided to create her own shoe brand. A brand of heeled shoes in fact. Stylish, sustainable, and seamlessly adaptive to your everyday mood.

Manufactured in Portugal, with a customized last, we provide you that pivotal pair of heels made of stock leather, to proudly parade the paths of life with. Together we create new adventures. Together we make stories that last. Signed by You.

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