Our Story

The product

Creating SxY didn't just happen overnight -it's a complex yet rewarding process. Founder Anouk took a deep dive into the craft of shoemakers, and it took over 2,5 years of extensive research, the help of orthopedic experts and many fittings and measurements with women to come up with the perfect customized last.

As a new brand SxY also takes responsibility for sustainable production so the shoes are made of leftover leather. We do this because we do not want to contribute to the demand for more leather, as leather tanning is quite damaging to the environment. Even if being 100% sustainable is not entirely possible now, it's our mission to do as much as we can because everyone has to feel comfortable within their shoes - from our artisans to our customers. We care for people, and we believe in a world where everyone can be themselves. 


Therefor the first SxY model 'LISE' is named after and dedicated to Anouk's late mother: "My mother always took very good care of her appearance, but she knew there's more than meets the eye and she was always ready to help others. A beautiful person, inside and out. She has seen the shoe and loved it. I would like to dedicate this first pair to her."

Last (pun intended) but not least, all SxY pairs are unique pieces because once the piece of leather is used up, we have to look for another combination. Because they are unique pieces, with each pair you receive a value certificate - just like artworks.