Our Sustainable Mission

Our Sustainable Mission

Launching a brand in 2022 is almost impossible without including sustainability as one of our design principles. We don't see it as a marketing tool, simply as a way of life. For us, sustainability does not only concern the final product, but it also involves the whole process from when the shoes leave the factory to being purchased by our customers.

We do not follow the common rules within the fashion world. For example, we do not work with the usual seasonal collections. Instead, we aspire to create shoes that can be worn all year round. The removable flap gives you the option to add a touch of the 'zeitgeist', but it can also be changed according to your mood.

Stock Leather

For our shoes, we work with stock leather, the offcuts left over from large productions. There are so many beautiful pieces lying around in factories waiting to be collected and burned, such a shame...

By working with these leftover pieces of leather, our creativity is sparked, and we do not contribute to the demand for more leather which is harmful for our environment. This creates unique pairs, with a small stock and no overproduction which then goes on sale.

Artisanal production

By producing small runs, we can offer a higher quality product with a longer lifespan. Each pair is made with care and by hand. Our shoes are manufactured in Portugal in a family factory, by artisans appreciated for their expertise. And inclusive as well!

It is mostly women who work there. Another ambition of ours is to source all the elements needed to put the shoe together from the proximity of the factory.

Leave a mark,
not a shoeprint

Perfectly imperfect

As we work with different pieces of stock leather, they can sometimes differ in colour. Not deciding beforehand which colours to work with, requires a different way of thinking, both from us and from the factory. Perfectly imperfect. We embrace those imperfections and turn them into works of art, true originals.

Founder Anouk: "For me, they are works of art, 'art for your feet'. Upon purchase, the buyer receives a certificate of value with the shoes. Just like a limited-edition work of art. With this, we hope to raise the awareness of value among our customers, making them reflect about their purchase and then treat it with care."