Lise Bordeaux Red - Lightpink

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Cleopatra coloured her lips with this with a slightly darker red. For centuries, women have followed her example and dyed their lips red. It makes them more beautiful and powerful. This red seduces.

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Additional Information

- Heel height: 7 cm
- Shoe: Bordeaux red stock leather and suède
- Collar: light pink leather
- Antiperspirant insole
- Made in Portugal

The collar is made of light pink coloured leather. The shoe can be worn with or without the collar. The extra flat press studs developed together with YKK make it possible to remove or change the collar.


These shoes are made of stock leather. The pieces are left-overs from large productions. Like all beautiful materials, it requires a lot of care. This is important if you want your shoes to be in perfect condition to maintain the leather and the suède.

The front part is suède; it is important to waterproof the material before the first use and then frequently repeat this if you want to keep your shoes in good condition. The leather part can be nourished with a generous greasy cream that will give it a wonderful complexion.

If you want to give the colour a boost, then you should apply a coloured shoe polish. Your shoemaker will certainly have something to help you with this. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun and water.