Lise Kaki - mustard yellow - light pink

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Discover the epitome of fashion-forward elegance with our Lise shoe in Kaki and mustard yellow, complemented by a chic light pink collar. Perfectly curated to harmonize with the earthy tones dominating the fashion scene, this combination exudes timeless sophistication.

Size: 36

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Additional Information

- Heel height: 7 cm
- Shoe: mustard yellow leather at the back and a kaki suède at the front
- Collar: baby pink leather
- Antiperspirant insole
- Made in Portugal
- The shoes are made by saved materials - stock leather and left-over suède.

The collar is made of a captivating collar light pink leather

The shoe can be worn with or without the collar. The extra flat press studs developed together with YKK make it possible to remove or change the collar.


These shoes are made of stock leathers and suède. The pieces are left-overs form large productions and from a premium quality. We call them saved leathers. Like all beautiful materials, it requires a lot of care. This is important if you want your shoes to be in perfect condition to maintain the leather and the suède.

The front part is suède it is important to waterproof the material before the first use and then frequently repeat this if you want to keep your shoes in good condition. The leather part can be nourished with a generous greasy cream that will give it a wonderful complexion.
Your shoemaker will certainly have something to help you with this. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun and water.