Yellow cardholder

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Our stunning cardholder is handcrafted from leftover leathers obtained from a prestigious Portuguese bag factory, marrying elegance and eco-friendliness seamlessly. Designed to hold up to three cards, it's tailored for those who embrace a simpler lifestyle. Its compact nature effortlessly slips into larger bags or...

Color: Yellow

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Additional Information

Colour: corn yellow
Material: left-over leather
Place of origin: Portugal
Three card slots
Hot-stamped Signed by You logo

Dimensions: Length 10,5 cm, Height 7,3 cm, Width 3 cm
Weight: 25 g


Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your leather card holder in top condition. Wipe it down regularly with a slightly damp, soft cloth to remove accumulated dirt and dust. Stay away from harsh cleaning agents or solvents that might harm the leather.

Shield your wallet from direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can affect the leather, so keep it away from harsh rays. Additionally, guard it against moisture to prevent stains and leather damage.

Opt for specialized skincare products tailored for leather items like creams and lotions. Ensure the products you choose are of high quality and suitable for your specific leather type.

Tackle stains on your card holder promptly and delicately. Avoid vigorous scrubbing that could worsen the damage. Instead, use a clean, slightly damp cloth with a small amount of mild soap to gently treat the stain.

Avoid overcrowding your leather card holder with an excess of cards or items. Overloading it can cause the leather to stretch excessively over time. To maintain its original shape and structure, only keep essential items inside.

Store your card holder properly when not in use. Find a cool, dry spot away from heat and humidity.

Prevent contact with chemicals like hand lotion, perfume, lotion, paint, and solvents, as they can irreversibly damage the leather and alter its color.

By adhering to these straightforward guidelines, your leather card holder will retain its beauty and durability, accompanying you faithfully through your daily journeys.